76 – Dogtooth/ Kynodontas (2009)


Director: Giorgos Lanthimos Starring: Christos Stergioglou, Michele Valley, Aggeliki Papoulia, Mary Tsoni, Hristos Passalis, Anna Kalaitzidou Running time: 94 mins

Subject: From a school of disturbing so compellingly bizarre that to get the biggest impact it is best to watch Dogtooth with little previous knowledge of the plot, although sensitive natures should be aware that there is a lot of debasement and a side of incest . Daring in the questions it leaves unanswered – like Martha Marcy May Marlene it presents no explanation for the world its characters live in and ends ambiguously. The decision to shoot this story on idyllic grounds and frequently film characters with their heads cut off creates a visual discord reflective of the chilling, perplexing content.

Like: Emma Donoghue’s book Room.

Core truth: They fuck you up your mum and dad.


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  1. lol @ “ends ambiguously” It’s as though the final 15 minutes were abruptly chopped off ! That is my only complaint. I really liked this film. I cannot think of a better example of demonstrating what parents can do to their children. In my mind, what stands out, is that this is exactly the sort of thing that would hold enormous appeal to the hypocrites of the world. Publicly they would scream themselves hoarse about how evil and wicked the film is. But secretly, they believe it is profoundly “the way that things ought to be”.

    I caught it on NetFlix.

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