74 – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1920)


Director: John S. Robertson Starring: John Barrymore, Martha Mansfield, Charles Lane, Brandon Hurst Running time: 67 mins

Subject: The first of many film adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella is silent, spirited and loyal, capturing both the physical horror and metaphorical poignance of a good man’s battle with his evil alter-ego. John Barrymore convinces as the distinguished and upstanding Dr Jekyll and his transformation, via scientific potions, to the vile Mr Hyde -although constrained by 20s technology – is thrillingly dark. Screw you CGI. A quick cut, false brown teeth, talons and a dome-like headpiece tells the story.

Like: Goodie -v- baddie, your best side -v- your worst, lightness -v- dark.

Core truth: Carefully choose what side of your nature to indulge for that side will determine your life.

N.B. If you happen to live in Newcastle keep checking this page for the opportunity to watch Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde accompanied by live music.


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