73 – Badlands (1973)


Director: Terrence Malick Starring: Sissy Spacek, Martin Sheen Running time: 94 mins

Subject: One day when playing with a ball in her front garden, fifteen-year-old Holly (Spacek) whose opinion of herself is “I don’t have much of a personality” is approached by  Kit (Sheen), a sexy, free-thinking dustman in double-denim. He’s ten years older than her but has plenty  to say – “I’m lucky like that.” Holly is unlucky as Kit’s languid independence extends to shooting people, all casual like, but she takes off with him anyway across the desert plains of South America. With plinky plonk piano music, lingering shots of the natural world and calm voiceovers from both Kit and Holly, mass murder turns into something that just kinda happens when you go with “the hellbent type”.

Like: Bonnie and Clyde on valium.

Core truth: “I never met anyone as trigger-happy as Kit.”


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