60 – Of Time and the City (2008)


Director: Terence Davies Starring: Terence Davies, Liverpool Running time: 74 mins

Subject: Spine-tinglingly intimate and poetic from the first, Terence Davies’ “love song and eulogy” to Liverpool is a seamless montage of documentary footage, the stuff of which nostalgic English dreams are made – candy-floss fuelled boys in bathing trunks running over beaches or in long shorts playing ball games under bridges. What makes OTAtC breath-taking is Davies’ voice-over. Only the most heartfelt words make it into his narrative and so we hear how every Friday he would watch wrestling, motivated by the desire to catch a glimpse, or maybe even touch, male flesh. Homosexual yearnings mingled with Catholic guilt. A surging classical score brings the pathos to unbearable levels.

Like: 74 minutes of love with all its pleasure and pain.

Core truth: This deserves to be projected onto a screen as big as its director’s heart.


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