56 – Collateral (2004)


Director: Michael Mann Starring: Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise, Jada Pinkett Smith Running time: 120 mins

Subject: With one hand the lord giveth to Max (Foxx) , an affable L.A. taxi driver,  and with the other hand he taketh away. The giving comes courtesy of passenger 1) Annie,  a sharp-tongued lawyer softened by Max’s superior route knowledge into handing over her card. And the taking, well, that would be passenger 2) Vincent (Cruise) a hit man who has opted for  the convenience of a cab to get from hit to hit. Cue driving through neon-lit L.A. while Vincent makes threat-heavy conversation and the camera makes love to the city from above.

Is there a reason why Tom Cruise’s hair is silver? It matches the suit he wears. Apart from this natty piece of fashion coordination it’s hard to come up with a theory.

Like: Drive with violence knitted into fight sequences rather than single shocking outbreaks.

Core truth: To live and die in L.A.


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