54 – Nuts in May (1976)


Director: Mike Leigh Starring: Roger Sloman, Alison Steadman, Anthony O’Donnell Running time: 84 mins

Subject: One from the six-part “Play for Today” series Mike Leigh made in the Seventies, Nuts in May is not for those who can’t laugh at awkwardness. Keith (Sloman) and Candice Marie (Steadman) are a home counties couple taking a camping holiday in native England. All is going swimmingly until another camper with the audacity to create “noise pollution” by listening to the radio, appears causing the sort of half-polite, passive aggressive confrontation the English do so well. Valiant attempts to rescue the holiday are interspersed with pitifully crazed altercations. Ray (O’Donnell), the bushy-haired P.E. teacher in training, is a wonderfully normal counterpoint to the explosively uptight Keith.

Like: An exaggerated version of a family holiday.

Core truth: Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you.


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