53 – War Horse (2011)


Director: Steven Spielberg Starring: Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, Peter Mullan, lots of nice horses Running time: 146 mins

Subject: Impoverished farmer (Mullan) gets a hip-flask-aided fire in his belly and bids more than he can afford for a pretty thoroughbred. The wife (Watson) ain’t happy but son, Albert (Irvine) ¬†goes all saucer-eyed and vows he’ll train this noble beast to work so they won’t lose their home. Landowner Lyons (David Thewlis) jeers. So far, so Dickensian but then war breaks out and off goes the horse to seat the cavalry. Spielberg is a master of framing emotional connections and amid the WW1 scenes, our lovely war horse finds people to care for him. Do horse and master ever get reunited? What do you think?

Like: E.T. + Black Beauty + WAR.

Core truth: Interspecies romantic drama.


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