34 – Chronicle (2012)


Director: Josh Trank Starring: Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan Running time: 84 mins

Subject: What would happen if Spiderman hated the world? Josh Trank’s found-footage based debut subverts the superhero-as-do-gooder trope with a hand first light then heavy. Three high schoolers develop powers of telekinesis after exploring a strange hole. Amid two well-adjusted hunks is the engine of the story, Andrew Detmer, a fucked-for -luck “nerd with a camera” played with compulsive fury by Dane DeHaan.

Is there a stupid ridiculous ending with a stupid ridiculous backdrop? Yes. Pretend the film ended with the preceding scene. Much better.

Like: Melancholia. 

Core truth: You can’t make a silk hero out of a sow’s boiling rage.


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