32 – Unrelated (2007)


Director: Joanna Hogg Starring: Kathryn Worth, Mary Roscoe, Tom Hiddleston Running time: 100 mins

Subject: Confused, middle-class Anna (Worth) welcomes the chance to escape a mystery-swaddled setback by accepting an invite to friend Verena’s (Roscoe) Italian villa. She find herself in the raucous bosom of a family, with antics headed by Verena’s sparkly-eyed, suggestively charming nephew, Oakley (Hiddleston). Larks, loaded looks and nudity follow while long landscape shots portray a humid paradise that would cause anyone to lose their head.

How sparkly are Tom Hiddleston’s eyes? Really, really sparkly.

Do Anna and Oakley make sweet love? You might well ask. There’s gorgeous, slow-building erotic chemistry by the bucket.

Like: Grown-up Skins shot with grown-up takes.

Core truth: Sometime you’ve got to run away to come back.


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